Dealer Services

Drop Off Processing

Drop Off Processing is an easy way to save money! If you don’t want to pay any additional fees, just drop your work off with us and we will turn process it in 3-5 days. Simple as that.

You can also drop off at any Tax Collector’s Office in Orange County. Just attach the form from this page to make sure it gets to us.

 You can also track your work with our convenient real time tracking spreadsheet.

Orion Processing

Many dealerships partner with an EFS provider to assist in processing of their Tag & Title transactions. Orange Auto Tag Agency partners with the Orange County Tax Collector and Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles to insure that all paperwork is filled out accurately & to finalize the transaction.

We do all of this at NO ADDITIONAL COST to the dealer unlike many other service providers in the state.

Dealer Walk In

Do you need your transaction processed immediately? If so, you can walk into our Orange County location and, for an extra fee, we will process your work right then and there. Simple and fast!

Tired of waiting in line at the Tax Collector’s Office? Then this is the option for you. We have numerous employees waiting to serve you, everyday.

(For Licensed Dealers Only)


We have one purpose, and one purpose alone. That is to serve our dealers. We strive to make sure you are happy with the service you are getting, so if you have a suggestion for something we can do better, please let us know.
We will do what it takes to get the job done right!
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