Discover the number of services OATA offers to our valued customers


If you just need your work processed in 3-5 days, you can drop your work off with us for no additional fee. We will gladly process your work and give you a call when it is ready. As convenient as it gets. You can also keep track of where your work is in the process by clicking this link.


If you use ADD, TitleTec, or CVR to process your deals, we finalize all of those transactions in Orange County.

You can drop off your work, FedEx it to us, or drop it at any County Tax Collector Office.


Do you need your transaction processed immediately? If so, you can walk into our location and for an extra fee, we will process your work right then and there. Tired of waiting in line at the Tax Collector’s Office? Then this is the option for you. (For Licensed Dealers Only)

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